Introducing the Women of ONYX



Founder/Executive Producer/Director

Jordan Pfeifer is the owner, founder and executive producer of ONYX. She recently graduated from the School of Film and Television at Loyola Marymount University, with an emphasis in directing. However, she got her start doing production design on many film sets. She is a lover of women and believes that the power amongst a group of females is unmatched. She is a huge horror fan, spending her college career interning at companies such as Blumhouse, Ghost House Pictures, and Raimi Productions. Her dream has always been to assemble a group of strong, creative women together to make empowering, inspiring and visceral art.





Hayley Nash is a UCLA graduate and entertainment development professional who values the power of storytelling within film and television. Through her work at Warner Bros. Television, Atlas Entertainment, and Ghost House Pictures, she has assisted in the development of a diverse array of high quality series and feature films. She has a passion for female-driven content, and is excited to aid in the development of new projects for this innovative production company. Ultimately, she understands that creative content takes time to develop and aspires to help ideas with great potential thrive. 

Hayley Photo.jpg


Producer/ Podcast Host [Film Spill] 

Chelsea’s passion for filmmaking and content creation can be shown through a variety of platforms. She first dove into the world of entertainment in 2018 and it wasn’t long before she realized that it was exactly what she wanted to do.  She has worked on sets as a Production Assistant, Production Coordinator, Production Manager, and Assistant to Director/Producer for a variety of different companies which include: Equinox Media, Samsung, Pepsi, 

and more. Her goal is to introduce more stories about women to the film industry. In her spare time, she is the host of the podcast Film Spill and creates brand content on social media.




Lizzie Keller is a senior Cinema & Media Studies major at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Her diverse production experience encompasses short films, mini-series, and theatrical productions. In her spare time, she loves science fiction movies and doing stand up comedy. She is beyond thrilled to be joining the ONYX team as a producer, as well as to make her film acting debut in NOXIOUS!





Angela Nancy Chapman is a senior at the University of Southern California, majoring in Theatre and minoring in Cinematic Arts. She has produced, edited, and assisted on several shorts, student films, and live shows. Previously, she has had the pleasure of working with Showtime, 3311 Productions, The Green Room Talent Management, Visions & Voices, and Impulse Theatre Company. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, going to the movies, and spending time with friends. She is an animal lover who fosters dogs and cats. She is so excited to be a part of the ONYX team and to help create inspiring works!

Angela Chapman.jpeg




Angela Nancy Chapman is a senior at the University of Southern California, majoring in Theatre and minoring in Cinematic Arts. She has produced, edited, and assisted on several shorts, student films, and live shows. Previously, she has had the pleasure of working with Showtime, 3311 Productions, The Green Room Talent Management, Visions & Voices, and Impulse Theatre Company. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, going to the movies, and spending time with friends. She is an animal lover who fosters dogs and cats. She is so excited to be a part of the ONYX team and to help create inspiring works!

h. Aspen Nelson.png



Angela Nancy Chapman is a senior at the University of Southern California, majoring in Theatre and minoring in Cinematic Arts. She has produced, edited, and assisted on several shorts, student films, and live shows. Previously, she has had the pleasure of working with Showtime, 3311 Productions, The Green Room Talent Management, Visions & Voices, and Impulse Theatre Company. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, going to the movies, and spending time with friends. She is an animal lover who fosters dogs and cats. She is so excited to be a part of the ONYX team and to help create inspiring works!

Mj Adamson.jpeg

Reena Ye


Reena Ye is a sophomore at the University of Southern California double majoring in Theater and Psychology. She has mainly spent her time in stage management for theater but has a deep passion for learning about all facets of film production. In her spare time, she loves to do visual art, photography, and spending time with friends and her dog! She is so excited to be a part of the ONYX team and help create empowering works!

Reena Ye.JPG



Sarah is a director/producer with experience in casting, sound, teaching, and assistant directing across theatre and film. A rising junior at the University of Southern California, they study Theatre with a minor in the Entertainment Industry. With a background in producing and directing queer theatre/film, her work ultimately aims to highlight underrepresented stories. They love nothing more than watching a project take shape alongside a team of talented collaborators, and the opportunity to learn from each project. In her free time, she explores museums, watches psychological thrillers, or plays board games with friends. A lover of art across mediums and genres, they are excited to collaborate and learn more alongside the ONYX team! 

Headshot 2019.jpg

Eliana Mullins

Director/Editor/Camera Assistant

Eliana Mullins (she/her) is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker with a knack for the zany and wild. Her love of different mediums, old formats, and various artistic practices is inherent to the style she brings to Narrative, Documentary, and Music Video work. She holds a BFA from Tisch School of the Arts. In addition to making her own work, Eliana has lent her talents to films such as IFC Midnight’s “The Djinn” and Netflix’s “Shirkers.”




Emma Forthofer is a cinematographer based in Los Angeles, originating from Mount Desert Island, Maine. Now studying Film and Television Production at Loyola Marymount University, Emma is trained in both narrative fiction and documentary filmmaking with hands-on experience shooting both formats. With her passion for cameras, aesthetics, and empowering women in film, Emma carries an energy behind the camera that brings stories and visions to life.




Lauren Worona is a filmmaker from Sonoma, California who is pursuing her undergraduate degree in Film and Television Production with a minor in Screenwriting at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. She is most passionate about her work behind the camera, gaining experience on film sets around Los Angeles as well as through internship experiences, such as with Transcendence Theatre Company based in her hometown. Outside of work, she also enjoys activities that encourage a life of creativity, balance, and mindfulness, and similarly, she draws inspiration from many of the strong women in her life. Overjoyed to be working with ONYX, her favorite movie genres are psychological thriller, romance, and the new breed of horror which has replaced jump-scares with existential dread.




Vivian Gray is an film director, cinematographer, and current junior in Film Production at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts. Her focus is in character driven narratives, music videos, and experimental documentaries. Originally from Memphis, TN, Vivian is so excited to join the ONYX team and help make these dreams come to life!




Born and raised in Russia, Ksusha Genenfeld is a Los Angeles based female cinematographer with a deep passion to create beautiful images that are authentic to each project. To Ksusha, nothing is more important than being true to the story that is being told and picking the right language to do so. Ksusha always strives to push herself creatively on every project to make something that is visually stunning and provoking. 


Her work includes Narrative films, Documentaries, Music Videos and Commercials on a variety of different formats from film to digital. When not on set Ksusha likes to take still photographs on her 35mm and medium film cameras to stimulate creativity and passion for creating visually striking images.




Isabella Longi is a cinematographer based in Los Angeles and recently graduated from Santa Monica College’s Film Production program. She has worked on various productions from Sci-fi Shorts, a Television pilot to a Period Drama. She is deeply passionate about working on female-based stories and showing the world through a more feminine perspective, which is why she is excited to be a part of the ONYX team!

Screen Shot 2021-06-13 at 11.26.25 AM.png



Originally from Austin, Texas, Zandra is currently based in Los Angeles where they study film production at CSUN, with an emphasis in cinematography. Their work has been featured in numerous film festivals, and while they work primarily as a gaffer and DP, they have also directed and produced several short films, music videos and documentaries. Zandra is passionate about using visual storytelling to tell emotionally complex narratives that center underrepresented voices, which is why they’re thrilled to be a part of this talented team of filmmakers! 



DP/First AC

Jordyn is currently a freshman Film & Television Production major at Loyola Marymount University, originally from Chicago. She is extremely interested in cinematography, lighting, and camera operating. Aside from live action, she hopes to eventually DP claymations, animations, and films involving puppetry. She enjoys visualizing and crafting fantasy based stories with timely and important themes. Since she focuses on accurately representing women and the LGBTQ+ community in her work, she is extremely excited to be joining a team of incredibly strong and talented women with similar values! Jordyn looks forward to her time on set and in collaboration with the ONYX team!

jordyn pritsker.jpg




Emily Phillips is a Film Production Major at Loyola Marymount University originally from the Bay Area. Entering her senior year, Emily has found a passion for working on set in the lighting and grip department. As a screenwriting minor with a focus on directing, Emily also loves bringing her own stories to life. She is stoked to be leading ONYX's lighting and grip team and to collaborate with the creative and passionate women of ONYX.

emily_2 (1).png



Originally from Washington, Callie came to LA to study film and television production and environmental studies at Loyola Marymount University. Callie is passionate about telling female led stories of any kind and has a growing interest in documentaries. Outside of film Callie can be found hiking, getting boba, and playing with any dog she sees. She is very excited to be a part of a group of badass filmmakers who have such a strong passion for making an impact through storytelling. 




Native to LA, Sarah Leeper is first and foremost a lover of fantasy and horror. Amidst her annual reading of The Lord of the Rings and her mission to watch every single Hammer horror film, Sarah is a dedicated editor. Willing to work on anything and everything, Sarah is honing her craft one short film, music video, documentary, and YouTube video at a time.




Olivia Kerrigan is a junior Cinema & Media Studies major at the USC School of Cinematic Arts with a minor in Entertainment Industry. As an admirer of all mediums of art, she fell in love with filmmaking for its collaboration among artists of all kinds. She is passionate about writing and editing, and believes nothing is more satisfying than seeing a scene take shape before her eyes. Olivia is a fan of period pieces and horror alike and is excited to create complex, empowering narratives with ONYX. 

Olivia Kerrigan.JPG



Kaila Cherry is a twenty year old aspiring filmmaker and writer. A lover and admirer of art in all its various forms, she aims to create works that hinges on realism and gives significance to the nuances of the everyday life. Her film work had been featured in the AfroKin Film Fest (2020), Megazine Issue 4 (2019), and earned her a Herb Alpert Emerging Young Artist Scholarship (2017). She likes the fact that her last name is a fruit because she knows she will never get confused for someone else.




(she/her) is an experimental filmmaker and video editor based in Southern California. Having worked on mutiple short and independent films as a production designer and editor, she has been apart of films screened at the San Diego Latino Film Festival and the Oakland Drunken Film Festival. Immersed in the local DIY art and music scene, her work emphasizes capturing the unique voices of queer/femme/nonbinary POC and their art shared through Ginny's dreamy, feminine lens. 

Ginny Headshot.jpg




 Stella (they/them) is queer, Memphis-based filmmaker. They are a junior at the University of Colorado Boulder pursuing a BFA in film production, with minors in women and gender studies. While focusing on directing, they also enjoy experimenting with cinematography, editing, and digital animation. Stella's films, both narrative and experimental, revolve around issues of mental health, identity, and perception. Their favorite films are It Wasn’t Love (Sadie Benning, 1992), and But I’m A Cheerleader (Jamie Babbit, 1999). Outside of film, Stella is a coffee enthusiast, a big fan of picnics, and always down to talk queer theory. a




Sound Mixer

Zoe is a Freshman Recording Arts Major at Loyola Marymount with a Minor in Asian and Pacific Asian Studies. After having grown up in several different countries, she is now based in LA. With a background of video editing, she decided to shift her focus to mastering all aspects of audio, from sound mixing and sound effects to production recording. She aspires to be a successful sound mixer in the film industry. She has started her career with mixing for live events with Mane Entertainment. She loves learning about culture and discovering new perspectives and is passionate about empowering women and women of color. Her favorite movie genre is thriller. She is extremely excited to work with so many inspiring people at ONYX.

e. Zoe Cannon.jpg



 Sofia Anguita is a recent graduate from Cal State LA with a BA in Film and Media Studies. Even though she’s discovered a passion for post production, she loves being a part of all aspects of film production. In her spare time you can find her playing Animal Crossing, listening to 80s synth-pop, or watching Disney Channel original movies. She is so excited to be joining ONYX and working on future projects!



Songwriter, Producer & Composer 

The pseudonym of songwriter, producer and composer Andy Schiaffino; body / negative is a solo project which blends together elements of shoegaze, neo-classical piano and ambient. 


Schiaffino's oeuvre has appeared in HBO's Search Party, NBC's Good Girls, and VICE's Essentials documentary series. The artist has also dabbled in film scoring, creating an original score for ONYX's 2021 short film "Noxious." 


body / negative is quite reclusive, oft opting out of live performances, but despite that, the artist has played a handful of sold-out shows in Los Angeles; most notably with electronic artist Kelly Lee Owens, post-punk group Choir Boy, shoegaze artist Tamaryn, and the iconic Warp Records group, Seefeel. 



Sound Mixer

Hannah is a sophomore recording arts major with a minor in economics at Loyola Marymount University. She’s passionate about self expression and artistic representation of women and the LGBTQ+ community through various audio/visual mediums. She is particularly interested in the horror genre, and is thrilled to join a female-driven crew of filmmakers. Hannah is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist and releases music under her alias, Indigo Hills. 



Sound Designer

Isabella Riccio is a sound designer based in Los Angeles, CA. A recent graduate from the Berklee College of Music (Class of 2021), she dual majored in Songwriting and Electronic Production & Sound Design with a principal instrument of vocals. Developing a love for sound from an early age, Isabella is hugely passionate about the storytelling and expressive potential it has. Isabella is inspired every day by what she hears and how vital sound is! Challenging herself to deliver high-quality products and develop outstanding sonics for any project she is involved with; Isabella is blossoming into a competent and fresh sound designer.



Assistant Director

Morgan is studying Film and Television Production and Screenwriting at Loyola Marymount University. She has a passion for all things horror and science fiction. Morgan got her start as a 1st AD in her freshman year of college where she fell in love with the high-intensity, collaborative nature of the job. In addition to serving as an AD, Morgan pursues a career in writing and directing. Her stories focus on telling strong, female-centric narratives that aim to highlight the unifying complexities of the human condition. She has traveled to Cuba and Vietnam to make documentaries and has won several awards and accolades for her short films. As a diehard feminist, Morgan is excited to be working with an incredibly talented group of like-minded women.

Morgan Pic.JPG



Ana Chavez is a film director, writer and editor. Her directing experiences include short narratives, documentaries and music videos. She is passionate about stories that show the women’s psyche at its most gritty and complex. Drawing on inspirations like Carolee Schneemann, Garrett Bradley, Andrea Arnold, Sofia Coppola, Cheryl Dunye, and Gloria Anzaldua, Ana hopes to shed light on the dark and absurd aspects of womanhood. She currently resides in Eagle Rock and works as an assistant editor for a creative agency based in East LA. She is stoked to be a part of the ONYX team! 



Writer/Script Supervisor

Danuta (they/them) is a current graduate student at Loyola Marymount University in LA studying Writing and Producing for TV. Born and raised on the East Coast in an immigrant household, storytelling was essential in bridging gaps between Polish and American cultures. Stories were also a way for Danuta to explore and understand who they were as a Polish American, gender, sexuality, expression, and aesthetic. Most of all, Danuta is a fierce advocate for the pleasure that comes with sharing stories and building connections. They enjoy cerebral horrors with a twist, human-first plots, and the emotional manipulation wonderfully crafted narratives bring. Danuta hopes to get their own stories on TV and enjoys exploring first-generation experiences, Polish culture, Queer culture, and cowboys, yeehaw!





Hannah Mittermeier is a Los Angeles-based writer and recent Emerson College graduate, having earned her BFA in Comedic Arts. Currently, she is an infotainment writer for Collider, as well as a script reader and judge for NYC Midnight’s 2022 writing competitions. In her free time, Hannah enjoys going to comedy shows, “ghost hunting” around the city, and volunteering at her local animal shelter. She champions the increase of both the quantity and quality of leadership roles for women in film. An outspoken advocate for mental health awareness, as well, she uses her work to inspire humor and hope for those struggling with trauma, loss, and grief. Hannah is thrilled to be a part of the ONYX team!

Hannah Mittermeier.jpeg



Danyela is a Texas native studying English at Loyola Marymount University. Growing up watching things like The Twilight Zone and Rosemary's Baby, she is a fanatic for horrors that infuse the terrors of everyday society with the otherworldly. She has recently had her short story “Saturday” published in the LA Miscellany with LMU and her future goal is to write for TV and film. Danyela is more than excited to have the opportunity to tell engrossing and empowering stories with a diverse group of talented women.




Jasmyn White is a 21-year-old Los Angeles-based Writer, Producer, and independent Production Company founder. She currently studies Film Production at the Loyola Marymount University’s School of Film and Television. In her final year, Jasmyn looks forward to taking on more projects and branching out into the industry and local communities. She’s inspired and motivated to create art that creates conversations, enacts change, and diversifies the voices and stories in need of a platform. 

Jasmyn White.jpeg


Assistant Director/Script Supervisor

Taylor is a sophomore film production major with a minor in studio arts at Loyola Marymount University. She’s passionate about complex LGTBQ+ representation and highlighting underrepresented stories from emerging and diverse filmmakers, which is why she loved interning at NewFilmmakers LA. She’s thrilled to join this empowering and talented female-driven team! Outside of film, she spends much of her time at the beach, which is a nice change from her hometown Chandler, Arizona. She’s also an avid fan of coffee shops and Cate Blanchett.





Jackie is a junior screenwriting major at Loyola Marymount University in LA. Growing up in the Bay Area, she was a total theater kid and loved bringing stories to life on stage. Now, she has found that same enthusiasm for telling stories on screen and hopes to one day be part of a TV writers’ room. Jackie enjoys writing everything from dramedies to thrillers and is excited to gain more experience writing horror with ONYX. She is honored to be part of such a talented team and to get to write narratives exploring what it means to be female or non-binary.




Haley is a rising senior film and television production major with minors in screenwriting and theatre arts! She’s joining the Onyx Team as a writer.




Ginger is so excited to join the ONYX team! Ginger was born and raised in New York City, and is now a sophomore at USC majoring in theatre with an acting emphasis, and minoring in screenwriting. She is passionate about all forms of storytelling, and is especially interested in highlighting the complex and joyful lives of the LGBTQ+ community. Besides theatre and film, Ginger enjoys skateboarding, concept photography, and collaging! 




Liza Martinez is a current senior at California State University Northridge majoring in Media Theory and Criticism.  Liza loves writing in all its creative forms. Her favorite film genres are horror, comedy and film noir. Liza  aspires to be a film critic and a screenwriter. When she isn't talking about movies she enjoys iced coffee and going on hikes. Women are underrepresented in the horror genre and Liza couldn't be more excited to be apart of such an exceptional team like Onyx Films. 




Thomasina Rogers is a graduate from Oberlin College with a double major of Creative Writing and Psychology. She has a huge passion for television as well as writing and amplifying diverse voices in the entertainment industry. She loves to write stories that center and uplift queer women. If she’s not writing or kicking ass in Mario Party, you might be able to find her under the sea scuba diving. She can’t wait to join the incredible team that is ONYX!

Thomasina Rogers (1).jpg



Cleofe DeLucia is sophomore Screenwriting major at Loyola Marymount University, in her hometown of Los Angeles. She's been writing since childhood, and it's been her dream to write films for as long as she can remember. She aspires to write about people and their relationships, in all forms, with all of their complexities and vulnerabilities. When she's not writing or watching films, she enjoys spending time with friends, reading natal charts, and playing Breath of the Wild. She's so excited to be a part of such a diverse and groundbreaking group of creators! 




Holden is a 24 non-binary screenwriter editor and filmmaker currently residing in Chicago. They graduated from DePaul with a BA in Film and a minor in women and gender studies. Horror is closest to their heart but they are most passionate about seeing more women written by and played by real queer women. They are excited to develop their own horror scripts as well as add to and help develop projects that uplift women and the LGBTQ community in film. In their free time, they like to skate, embroider, and are trying to become a non-binary model. Some of their favorite movies are Wild at Heart, May and We Need To Talk About Kevin.



Casting Director

Rachael Fisher is a Casting Director, Assistant Director, and Writer. She is pursuing a degree in Screenwriting with a minor in Public Relations at Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles). She writes scripts with various magical realism elements and aspires to create works that depict women in their true light. In her first year of college, she hit the ground running casting and assistant directing for multiple student films including at the graduate level. As a casting director, Rachael uses her strong background in acting, her intuitive nature, and experience to identify the actors that will best fit the roles to bring each films’ vision to life. With her work, she aspires to build the bridges between dedicated actors and directors who share the same mission. Rachael is honored to be part of ONYX which inspires, encourages, and celebrates the authenticity of women on screen and in the entertainment industry.

Rachael Fisher Headshot .JPG


Production Designer

Jenna is a Film & TV Production Major at Loyola Marymount University. Originally from Orange County, California, she now lives and studies in LA. At LMU, she works in the art department for student sets as a production designer and a set dresser. Her goal is to work as a professional production designer. In her career, she hopes to have a taste of every position in the art department: set dresser, art PA, props, art director, and more. She has never experienced working on an all-female/non-binary set and she is beyond excited to work with so many bright and creative women through ONYX.



Production Designer

Emma is a Production Designer and Director from Indianapolis, Indiana. A junior at Loyola Marymount University LA, Emma pursues a major in Film Production with minors in Screenwriting and Women’s & Gender Studies. In addition to being a cinephile, Emma is an improv enthusiast, barista, and self-proclaimed hipster who is passionate about social justice and promoting LGBTQ+ representation. Additionally, she has held internships with OUTFEST (the preeminent LGBTQ+ film festival in the world), ROAR Entertainment, PalmStar Media, and National Lampoon.




Production Designer

Jessie Brown is a film production major at Loyola Marymount University originally from Houston, Texas. With a background in studio arts, Jessie is constantly observing and imagining new spaces and environments. Interested in architecture and aesthetics, she has a deep passion for production design and collaborating with other powerful women to produce stellar content.



Production Designer

Alara is a film production student at CSUN, previously having earned her film production AA at Santa Barbara City College. She has a passion for writing and directing, having directed four short films all centering around female leads. She's also focused on production design and costume, and loves storytelling through use of physical space and wardrobe. She's a huge fan of horror and drama! Alara is so excited to be a part of ONYX and be a part of this group of talented people! 




Carly (they/them) is a photographer, production designer, and jack-of-many-other-trades. Their passions are horror movies, plants, and antique stores. Even though they are currently based in NY, LA has stolen their heart and they can’t wait to move there once they're done with school at Ithaca College. They are so excited to be working with such an amazing group of talented women and queer folk.



All Pronouns

Intimacy Coordinator/Makeup Artist

Madeline McHugh is a theater student, with a film minor, at LMU, set to graduate in 2021. She loves the creative process it takes to bring a film to life and is very excited to create meaningful, fun, and interesting films with ONYX. For fun, she likes to read, watch movies/TV, go to Disneyland, go to the beach, photography, and video games. Her favorite movie genres are psychological thriller, murder mystery, and fantasy. In addition to her roles in ONYX, she also plans on pursuing directing and acting.

i. Madeline McHugh.JPG


Special FX Makeup Artist

Nadia Stone is a makeup artist originally from Chicago, IL, who recently relocated to Los Angeles, CA. Nadia started her freelance career doing event makeup for clients of all ages, races, and genders. She has since expanded her focus to include film, television, and special effects. She has worked extensively on editorial photoshoots and music videos, both on-site and in the studio. Nadia has also been working as a social media consultant for an indie cosmetics company. Nadia is passionate about making any project she works on come to life. 



Intimacy Coordinator

Abigail graduated from USC in 2021 and is now pursuing certification as an intimacy coordinator for film and TV. Her interest in intimacy coordination stems from her experience as an actor, her study of strategic communication in college, and her work at a female-founded startup, which centers around sex and consent education. As an IC, she advocates for the safety and comfort of actors involved in intimate moments by serving as their ally and communication liaison. She also oversees protocols to maintain a consent-based working environment. Sometimes, she choreographs physical movements to help tell the story. Abigail is so excited to collaborate, learn, and grow with the wonderful people of ONYX! 



Makeup Artist

Luciana is a Peruvian senior student at USC. She believes in making changes and motivate women empowerment through film. She has an A.A in Acting. She has worked in several films as a producer She’s also done special studies in FX Makeup, and has worked as a FX MUA in many other films.



Concept Artist

Raised in England, Mallory Higgins moved to America when she was twelve years old. Her favorite things to do when she was little were to paint and play dress up. Now, many years later, she’s pursuing them on a professional level. She is a senior studying art and acting at Loyola Marymount University, and is thrilled to be part of the funky and creative ONYX team!




Ailed is a freelance animator and storyteller at heart. She has earned her BFA from Laguna College of Art and Design. She has been classically trained as a traditional animator and minored in creative writing. Having come from Mexico to the United States at a young age, she aims to tell stories that connect to themes of finding new family and navigating a culturally diverse world. Her creative expression comes through cute and colorful characters and worlds of fantasy. She is currently animating on a couple of independent projects and writing her own series about a society reconnecting with its magical roots. During her free time, she enjoys reading animal fantasy, diving into conspiracy theories, walking her dog, and cooking rice dishes.


Kristina Danilovska

Animator / Screenwriter

Kristina is currently a Film, Television, and Media Studies major at Loyola Marymount University. She comes from Skopje, Macedonia, and moved to LA to pursue her goals in filmmaking. With minors in Screenwriting and Animation, Kristina is interested in developing her ideas and then bringing them to life and has already worked on many short live-action and animation films on her own. She aspires to direct different kinds of films that fill the gaps in the film industry. She is super excited to collaborate with such an inspiring collective of women at ONYX and create amazing work together.



Company Diversity Advisor

A current senior at CCH and from NYC, Devin Johnson moved to LA to pursue a degree on Film and Cinema. When she's not at school, she's typically auditioning for various roles as she is repped with Luxe Talent Agency and Pelican Point Media Talent. She is also a production coordinator for Almost There, a fashion and lifestyle podcast under the SCAT tv Radio umbrella. She is also a part of the worship team and a service team leader with the House LA church. And she is the creator of her newest and latest project, We Are Your Pals!

devin johnson.jpg



Chloe Gardiner is a recent graduate from Loyola Marymount University where she earned her MFA in Film and Television Production with an Emphasis in Directing. Born in Washington, DC, and raised in Connecticut, Chloe decided to pursue her lifelong dream of working in movies, with the hopes of making films in her favorite genres; horror, fantasy, and science fiction. During her time at LMU, Chloe worked on several of her classmate's short films. She has also written, directed, and produced 6 of her own films. Her work on films as a writer, director, producer, and actress have premiered at film festivals such as the DTLA film festival, Canon Burbank Film Festival, New England Online Festival, and so many more. Finally graduated, Chloe hopes to follow her dream of becoming a film producer, distributor, and screenwriter. Her goal is to create and distribute films with people of color and women in interesting, unique, and strong roles. 




Gianna Gencarella is an editor and colorist entering her final semester at LMU, majoring in Film & Television Production with an emphasis in Post Production. She grew up in the Bay Area, but now lives and works out of LA. Her passion falls with editing, but she can also be seen geeking out on anything ocean, hockey, or Lord of the Rings related. She currently works as an Assistant Editor for Warner Bros. and continues her editing and coloring work through freelancing. Gianna is honored to be a part of this talented group of female filmmakers and can’t wait to work on future projects with the team!



BTS Videographer/Set Documentarian

Janneke is a senior Film & Television Production Major heading into the track of documentary filmmaking. She was born and raised in New York City and has lived in Brooklyn and Harlem. She became the most passionate about the storytelling aspect of filmmaking and enjoys the collaborative nature of working on set. Janneke is also interested in writing comedies especially ones that are combined with other genres (horror, action, etc.) and got inspired by the originality of TV Shows like Community. In High School, Janneke made a documentary about the people and street performers who pass by Union Square in NYC. This film won the Silver Medal Award at the New York Alliance Film Festival. She also recently made a documentary about her grandmother’s experiences during WW2 that won the Best Historical Short Film Award at the Screen Power Film Festival. Janneke is excited to help make intersectional feminist films alongside a talented crew of women.



Production Coordinator

Originally from Northern California, Julia is in her final semester at LMU majoring in screenwriting. Her experience falls in narrative feature film production as a director, producer, writer, and cinematographer. Julia has always been enamored by people, their reactions, emotions, attachments and identities. Only after discovering cinematic language has she been able to authentically articulate her love of people and their stories. Julia is excited to further her exploration of cinema with ONYX and help amplify voices that are otherwise historically overlooked.



Casting Director/Graphic Designer

Brittany Franke is an actor, director, and musician who believes storytelling is the key to human connection and identity development. Originally from Arizona, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a degree in Theatre with an Acting Emphasis and a minor in Education and Society, inspired by her passion for arts education. Although Jordan and Anastasia found her through casting her in their upcoming film Noxious, once Brittany got a taste of ONYX, she couldn't go back and decided to join the team!

Brittany Franke (Full-Body headshot).jpg


Content Researcher

Stella is an ATLien turned Angeleno pursuing acting, directing, and dramaturgy. She is a 2021 graduate of the University of Southern California with degrees in Theatre (BA, Acting Emphasis) and Law, History, and Culture (BA). An academic at heart, she hopes to contribute meaningful research to ONYX's innovative, intersectional projects. 

Stella Grimaldi.png


Casting & Graphics

Yahm Steinberg is a multidisciplinary artist currently studying acting at the University of Southern California. Along with acting, Yahm has a passion for music, directing, and visual art. They are highly motivated to represent queer, Jewish, and female empowered perspectives through storytelling that breaks traditional boundaries. She is so excited to be joining the Onyx team and work alongside like-minded artists to bring creative ideas to life.



General Production

Sharon is an aspiring writer with an obsession for 90s R&B albums and an interest in culturally-conscious horror & drama. She believes meaningful representation begins with the independent film space, and that the equitable allocation of resources/finances is the key to a more inclusive industry. She looks forward to taking on a more active set role with the G&E department, and is incredibly excited to be joining the team at Onyx. 



General Production

Keely Martin is a Visual Media Arts major at Emerson College, and is based both in Boston and Los Angeles. Her main focus lies in writing and directing, although she has experience in various aspects of filmmaking such as cinematography, gaffing, and editing. She loves dark comedies, campy horror films, and anything created by Studio Ghibli. She has made several award winning short films that include female-driven cast and crews, and is so excited to continue doing so with the members of ONYX! 



General Production

Alexandra Miller is a sophomore Film & TV Production major at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. With a background in acting and writing, she strives to bring authentic female narratives to the screen while empowering those in front of and behind the camera. She is extremely excited to be working alongside the talented ONYX members and can't wait to create some fresh new art.



General Production

Natasha Nutkiewicz is an Argentinian actress, producer and singer studying Theatre with an Acting Emphasis with a Cinematic Arts minor at the University of Southern California. After her experience immigrating at a young age, she is determined to be a global artist who promotes empathy, diversity, equity and justice through various art forms. She is so grateful to be part of the Onyx community and eager to create films that unite and heal our fractured world.

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Production Assistant

Elizabeth Schuetzle is a graduate from the University of Southern California with Minnesota roots. She believes deeply in the power of storytelling and has explored that passion in a myriad of ways from directing and devising plays, to acting and producing. She’s excited to turn her attention towards film by working with ONYX and can’t wait to learn from the unstoppable force that is this team. When she’s not watching every TV show ever made, you can find her at the thrift store ogling something animal printed, or making new friends at a party by complimenting someone’s jacket.

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Production Assistant

Maddi is currently pursuing Theatre with an Acting Emphasis and a minor in Entertainment Industry at the University of Southern California. She grew up outside of Washington, DC, beginning ballet at three years old. Through dance, Maddi discovered her passion not just for acting, but storytelling as well. In October, you can usually find her in a haunted house or watching horror movies. Any other month, she’s probably still watching horror. Besides acting and horror, Maddi is passionate about creating truthful art that highlights and celebrates the beautifully flawed human experience.  She is so excited to be a part of the Onyx Team!

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