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COMING SOON: Winter 2022
an ONYX film directed by Jordan Pfeifer (1).jpg

LOGLINE: After the death of her abusive ex-boyfriend, Nova connects with his most recent girlfriend- only to realize that some spirits have a hard time staying buried.

Nova's ex-boyfriend has passed away...

One day, after enduring Jonah's abuse for long enough, she packed her things and left without him knowing, never fully gaining closure. The past follows her. Haunts her. Nova thinks that attending his funeral will help her finally move on and close a dark chapter of her life.

But when she meets his current girlfriend, Chloe, it opens another one. 

Chloe and Nova connect quickly and bond over their shared past. This deep sense of understanding causes their bond to develop into one that's more romantic, even compelling Nova to spend the night in the house Chloe and Jonah shared. 

But as day turns to night, Nova starts to suspect Jonah's spirit hasn't gone anywhere, and no one is to be trusted.

Strawberry touches on cycles of abuse and how we bond over trauma.

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