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ACQUIRED TASTE (500 × 300 px) (500 × 100

LOGLINE: When two best friends unknowingly walk into a cannibalistic dinner party, trust is betrayed and taste buds are excited.

Acquired Taste follows best friends Georgia and Bianca as they attend a serial killer-themed Halloween dinner party. Bianca and Georgia are meeting up with their friend Kyle at his coworker Brondon’s house for a serial killer-themed Halloween dinner party. Kyle hasn’t responded about his whereabouts by the time the girls arrive and Georgia is hesitant to attend, however Bianca convinces her to embrace the unknown of the night. They meet their eccentric host Brondon and his equally unique friends, Cheyanne and Jeffrey.The night takes a turn from uncomfortable to horrifying when Georgia finds something familiar in her soup- and the girls realize they may be dining with cannibals. Acquired taste is a story about identity, belonging, and of course cannibalism. Why cannibalism? Perhaps cannibalism is the ultimate form of power to those with particularly twisted minds, and we are  excited to explore that. Acquired Taste equally balances horror and dark comedy to tickle the funny bone and disturb the mind.

Shelby Corley as Bianca (1500 × 700 px).png
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